Mission Statement

Here at Black Ops we believe BMX is more than just riding bikes. For us, it's the rush you get dodging security at your favorite city spot, the perfect rail, that transition to wall ride by the loading dock, or that daunting double stair set calling your name. With us, it is so much more than just a session at your local spot. For us, it is everything. We pride ourselves on embodying this belief in everything we do. Whether it's your introduction to Bmx or upgrading parts of your bike to help you land that feeble to bar spin you've been trying to accomplish all week. Your mission is our mission.

We believe in providing budget friendly and dependable parts that come in a variety of colors and styles to ensure no rider is left behind. We're not just a company, we're your friend on the road all united by the rush of riding on two wheels.
Black Ops - the brand that grows with you / Let us grow with you.

This is the new BLACK OPS